Shungite and orgonite, a perfect match

Orgone charging plate with shungite by Lightstones

Shungite is a special pure carbon from the region of Carelia in Russia. This charcoal looking mineral has lately become known all over the world because of its amazing healing properties. It is the best grounding mineral of the planet.

It is the only material, where the arrangement of carbon atoms forming a perfect buckyball, occurs naturally. These configurations have been synthesized in labs, and up to now they have been found in no other natural matter.

Shungit chunks are used to purify water, it absorbs chemical pollution and heavy metals, but it also gives healing properties to the water.This water is recommended as a treatment for various health issues.

This amazing mineral is also highly effective to absorb radioactivity and EMF radiation. Its powder is used by the Russian army, to create EMF protective coatings and paints for buildings and aircraft.

Today it is used worldwide by geobiologists to balance geopathy and dissipate emotional energy as well.

Lightstones orgone pendant with shungite and saphire

The combination of Orgonite and Shungit is amazing, the two materials enhance and complete each other.Shungit absorbs negative energy until it is saturated and needs to be cleaned, if not it will radiate whatever it has absorbed.

Inside orgonite the black mineral is cleaned continuously by the orgone matrix, while the absorbing capacity of the device is enhanced by the shungit powder.

The Lightstones Shungit mix contains: shungit powder, precious metal powders, 24K gold leaves and a clear quartz crystal.

The slideshow below shows our items containing this magic black carbon from Russia.

Lightstones with shungite
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Ori, Thank you very much, now i have a better understanding of what is Orgonite..........its love...


Dear Orly II just receive my order, they are amazing, thank you once more for your beautifull art and the time you spent making it, that´s a huge gift!!! I hope the Universe pays you back for the beauty in you, all my love!!


"God loves through the wind..."