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Welcome to Lightstones Orgone Store!

Lightstones are beautiful, hand made sculptures designed to enhance and balance flow of energy in your life.

Each completely unique Lightstone is designed to aid you in one or more specific ways.

They are intended to aid in developing and maintaining an abundant level of positive energy.

Historically and traditionally some names for this energy are Chi, Prana and Orgone. Many spiritually advanced cultures throughout history have named and actively developed uses for this infinite natural force.

When a person integrates a constant, balanced flow of this energy into all one is and does, the effect is subtle but profound.

Here at Lightstones, we create our products with the intent to help you in strengthening your immune system, to shield against the adverse effects of EMF radiation, dissipate emotional negativity, and to help you connect and maintain the connection to your higher spiritual self.

By wearing, actively using or placing a Lightstone in your environment, you will enjoy a higher state of security and vitality.

Each Stone, created with natural elements in the purest raw form, can function in many ways. A suggsted list of these is provided with each product, along with detailed instructions for the most common uses.

For those that have a special need or challenge, we understand. Please remember that we love to take special requests and have many years experience in producing custom work here in our studio on sacred Mount Carmel, Israel.

At Lightstones you will find everything you need to make the energy in your life, and the lives of your loved ones shine!

Lightstones Orgone Chi Prana Pendants, energetic jewelry

Down here are links to the different store departments. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

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Multi-use orgone torus

Small Orgone Torus, containing crystals, precious stones, crystal powders, flowers, herbs,gold leaves and metals. You can use it as a pocket device, pendant or cell phone charm. Hang one in your car or above your baby's bed, or anywhere else in your house and garden. Size: 4cm diameter.

Lightstones Orgone Torus

Orgone Pyramids

The HHG Orgone Pyramid is a powerful Space Enhancer for your home or office. It is also a wonderful meditation tool

Lightstones Orgone Pyramids

Orgone Pocket Devices

Lightstones Pocket Devices in our orgone store. Our Pocket Device is a personal protector, it is rooting and strengthening, it has a very nice energy and touch. Each device is different and contains different stones. Very useful protection for people who work with energy or spend many hours in electromagnetic pollution .

Pocket devices

Orgone Pendants

See our choice of Personal Protection Pendants, Golden Spiral Pendants ,Chakras Harmonizers, Flower of life discs and Lightdrops. All the different pendants are EMF protectors. Each has its unique, precise and fine energy.

They are all programmed to remind us to stay connected to our body of light. They clean our emotional and mental negativity and radiate the essence of joy.

Lightstones Orgone Pendants

Golden Spiral Orgone Pendant by Lightstones

Golden Spiral Orgone Pendants

Orgone Pendants

Small Orgone Pendants : Lightdrops and Flower of Life discs.

Orgone Pendants by Lightstones

More about Orgone Pendants

Chakras Harmonizers Orgone Pendants by Lightstones

Chakras Harmonizers

Orgone Domes

Space Enhancers and Magic Domes at the Orgone Store. Excellent chi flow enhancers for your home. You can place them next to electrical appliances or at the four corners of your house. Each device is different and contains different stones.

Orgone Domes

Orgone Plates

Orgone Plates at Lightstones orgone store exist in various sizes. they are very effective to clean their surroundings and have a beautiful design. A beautiful centerpiece for your home.

Orgone Plates

Orgone Mobile Harmonizers EMF mitigators

Small device designed to stick on the back side of your cellphone, with a drop of plastic glue. It also has a small hole in it so you can use it as a mobile charm, if you don't like the idea of sticking it. Contains a special shungite-metal powders mix, a flower of life mandala, a quartz crystal, emerald and metals. Size 3.2cm diameter/ 4mm high. Eliminates the sensation of heat, head or ear each. You can purchase it here or in our NEW orgone store.

Lightstones Mobile Devices

The form below is to order an Orgone Device made especially for you.

Your personal orgone device made with intent for you!

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Do you have a Lightstones orgone device?

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Lightstone Orgone Plate with pair of hand painted candle holders

Click here to buy a pair of these, to warm up the atmosphere in your home!

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Ori, Thank you very much, now i have a better understanding of what is Orgonite..........its love...


Dear Orly II just receive my order, they are amazing, thank you once more for your beautiful art and the time you spent making it, that´s a huge gift!!! I hope the Universe pays you back for the beauty in you, all my love!!


"God loves through the wind..."