The Bovis Biometer

The bovis biometer, also called Bovis Scale, is a tool that measures the life force energy level of any substance, food, medicine, living beings, objects or geographic places.

Bovis was a French physician, whose research was oriented towards creating a tool to find out if food is nurturing for the human body or not. Together with engineer Simoneton he created the Bovis Biometer or Scale. The original scale was graduated from 1000 to 10000 units. Today we use a larger scale going from 1000 to 50000 units.

An intensity or vibrational quality of 6500 units on the Bovis scale is considered neutral, this is the only point on the scale with any correspondence to Angstrom units, and corresponds to the wavelength of red light.

From 0 to 6,500, the charge is negative, or life detracting, while above the 6,500 point the energy is considered positive, or life enhancing.

The minimal energy level for humans should be around 8,000 Bovis Units. Places on Earth should be between 7,000 to 18,000 units, the necessary level for the maintenance of life.

Scientific research has shown that a positive or life enhancing value on the Bovis Scale relates to an anti-clockwise direction of the spin of atoms, and a clockwise spin atoms and molecules gives a Bovis reading below 6,500 which is weakening.

Our DNA and living water have a left or anti-clockwise turning spiral, while cancer cells and "dead" water have a right turning spin.

Use of the Bovis Biometer

Geobiologists use the Bovis Scale as a common language to communicate about energy levels of places. Readings below 6,500 show the presence of geopathy, underground water veins, geological cracks and earth's magnetic grids, or negative memories, which are harmful to human beings, animals and plants. Readings above 6,500 are considered health enhancing. Some Vortexes and Power places on earth show extremely high results on the Bovis Scale.

These last years have shown a shift of the average, neutral energy level from 6500 units to 8500 units, probably related to the consciousness shift of mother earth.

The scale itself can be one that you buy. Or you can draw a straight line graduated with units going from 1000 to 50000, by yourself on a piece of paper or wood. You can also work on a mental scale, concentrating on the range in your head.

The graphic below shows a radial Bovis Meter.

Bovis Biometer or Scale

Measures are taken using radiesthesy and each level corresponds to a certain wavelength and color.

To measure energy level on the Biometer, you need to concentrate on the place, person, substance or object, you want to measure. Then ask the question: "what is the energy level of this place, person, plant, food or medicine?"

There are two dowsing techniques to get results:

The first one is to give the pendulum a back and forth swing, lengthwise along the baseline, moving progressively along the numbers, concentrating on the object to measure and asking "Is it 1000, is it 2000...?" When you approach the number that is the result, the pendulum will change direction and swing back and forth perpendicularly to the line. The number above which the movement is the strongest is your result.

The second technique is to swing the pendulum back and forth perpendicularly to the baseline, moving progressively along the numbers, concentrating on the object to measure and asking "Is it 1000, is it 2000...?" When you approach the number that is the result, the pendulum will start turning clockwise. The number above for which the clockwise movement is the strongest is your result. If you pass the result, the pendulum will show an anti- clockwise movement.

Michel Burdet describes in his book called "Stumbling Down the Shamanic Path: Mystic Adventures and Misadventures", how he uses the Bovis Scale on Power Places around the globe.

To use the Bovis Biometer you need to learn basic dowsing techniques
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