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Let me share some information about my work.

My name is Orly, I am a Tai chi teacher and a bio-architect.

I was born in Israel in 1964 and grew up in Belgium.

When I was a student in architecture, I discovered Tai Chi, fell in love with it and started practicing.

It changed my life! I became aware of life energy.

It changed the way I feel about my body, I started to consider my body from the inside and not from the outside.

More aware of its needs I became friendly with my body! It connected me to life, to the earth and to the elements.

It changed my architectural approach , I started learning feng-shui, geobiology and sacred geometry.

I went into green architecture. Working with the earth energy and using sacred geometry and the golden mean in my projects.

I started teaching tai chi in 1994, representing the "Inner Way International School for the art of chi" in Israel.

Today I live on Mt. Carmel in Israel in a small artist village called Ein Hod, and have three children.

In 2006 I discovered "orgonite" and started creating energetic devices, with the knowledge and insight I earned working with chi energy and earth energy.

I have given my creations the name of Lightstones.

This site was born thanks to SBI . My web guiding angel. I know little about computers and internet.

SBI gave me all the tools I needed and guided me step by step, to build this space where I can share my knowledge with you, now.

I you have any questions about my work don't hesitate to write to me at studio@whitemagicway.com or call me at 00-972-52-2314459.

Welcome to whitemagicway.com , enjoy your visit!

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Dear Orly,

I want you to know that I love your orgonites. Anybody who notices it says it is a unique piece of jewelry and it is very beautiful. I purchased two from you and I gave one to my daughter who likes it a lot and wears it all the time.

I need more orgonites in the future and will definitely get those from you.

Love and Peace to you,


Let your inner smile shine!