SBI websites succeed!

Let me share with you how started to build my SBI website.

Back in 2007, I was an artist and tai-chi teacher, and I had no website and knew nothing about how to create one.

It was clear to me that in order to have my own website I would have to pay a price that I couldn't afford to a website designer.

I had to struggle to make ends meet.

I used to sell my Orgone creations, on week-ends and hollidays to passing tourists, in the artist village where I live.

Not an easy task, since these passing tourist were not exactly targeted buyers for my creations.

One day I was sitting on the stairs in front of my house, looking at the sky.

I asked that my way to wealth will be shown to me.

A few minutes later, checking my e-mails, I saw an e-mail I would have deleted immediately on an other day, considering it as spam.

The title was: "How to get rich from the monster", the monster was the internet.

I opened it and clicked on a link to Site Build It, here is what I saw.

And...I went for it, started to build my own website, following an easy step by step guide Sitesell offered me.

Site Build It took me by the hand!

The SBI step by step guide happened to be high level most advanced Internet university studies.

As my website started to grow, traffic to it grew as well, slowly and steadily.

With time many of my pages ranked in the Google top ten.

I started to sell my brand of Orgone sculptures and jewelry, called Lightstones, worldwide.

Today Lightstones are considered to be among the best Orgone Creations worldwide.

I can't even imagine where I would be today, without my Site Build It website.

When I do a search on the internet, it always makes me smile to find a Site Build It website, ranking first at the search engines.

If Site Build It did it for me, it can do it for you too!

Site Build It!

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Dear Orly,

I want you to know that I love your orgonites. Anybody who notices it says it is a unique piece of jewelry and it is very beautiful. I purchased two from you and I gave one to my daughter who likes it a lot and wears it all the time.

I need more orgonites in the future and will definitely get those from you.

Love and Peace to you,


Let your inner smile shine!